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The Hat and Go is a unique hairpiece that provides versatility with most any style hat or scarf.  The Hat and Go Hairpiece has a few different functions, it can be worn as a fun fashionable hairpiece that will give the appearance of change to the length, texture, color and style of your own hair.  The Hat and Go Hairpiece may also add to the quality of life.  For those who have experienced hair loss from chemotherapy treatments or medications that may cause breakage, damage, or other hair related issues.
The Hat and Go Hairpiece is NOT attached to the hat, it is created of a black lightweight elastic mesh halo style headband .  Synthetic or Human Weaving Hair is sewn on the trac around the outside of the headband.  The weaving hair is sewn to give the appearance  of a part down the middle or on either the left or right side of the head depending on how it is worn.
Listed below are a few benefits The Hat and Go Hairpiece has to offer:
1. Convenient for today's busy lifestyle.
2. Quick and Easy to apply/maintain
3. Excellent for cold, and rainy weather
4. Great for quick errands or last minute     appointments
5. Versatility in a matter of minutes
6. Styles with very little or NO heat at all


MASQUE INC is a fun, innovative company that began serving clients in the Greater Seattle area late 2004.

We thrive on being creative and original while maintaining our dedication to the needs of our customers. MASQUE INC provides a top quality product that gives the  versatility and style you need at a reasonable price.  With our convenient easy to apply hairpiece you will be feeling confident, looking good, and ready to go in a matter of minutes. 

MASQUE INC also provides a professional level of customer service that pays close attention to detail and accuracy.  By double checking your order prior to shipping, and offering a 7 day EXCHANGE ONLY policy we make  every attempt to keep our customers satisfied.   We are available for you by phone, fax, and e-mail Tuesday – Saturday 9am-5:30pm pacific standard time.

MASQUE INC also offers an up-to-date user friendly website that makes it easy for you to place an order, answer questions  about our company or product, and to contact us.

MASQUE INC believes communities are key and by working together for one common goal to serve, give, and help others we can make this world a better place for all of us.

“Change is Good, and FUN is a part of Life.”


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